Welcome to Torah Links of South Jersey

Learning Aleph Bais

Torah Links of South Jersey is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to helping Jews of all ages and backgrounds rediscover and connect with their rich heritage. Through dynamic classes and lectures, Shabbat and daily services, social events, Shabbatons, holiday programs, Hebrew School, teen programs and more, Torah Links of South Jersey offers you a variety of free or low-cost ways to connect with your Judaism and enjoy the company of people who are looking for the same thing.

 Tubshvat 13Attend a Torah Links class, program, or service, and you will feel at home in the stimulating, yet warm and welcoming, atmosphere. Torah Links is more than a learning resource. It is also a community of Jews who love being Jewish and are excited to share that passion with others.

We invite you to join us.

Schedule: 8/20- 8/26

Schedule: 8/20- 8/26
Weekday - Mincha/Maariv7:30 PM
Friday Night Services6:30 PM
Standard Shabbos Candle Lighting7:23 PM
Sunset Friday Night7:41 PM
Shabbos Morning Service8:45 AM
Shabbos Ends8:31 PM
Morning Service: Sunday7:30 AM
Morning service: Monday - Friday6:45 AM