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Torah Links has been a very positive experience for our children. They are learning what it means to be Jewish in a fun, welcoming, caring environment. My kids look forward to attending each week and can’t wait to tell us everything they did that day, thanks to the dedication of the teachers and Rabbi.

Bruce & Jenny Cassela

Thank you for letting me and my family enjoy this amazing event last minute this evening. Ethan and Marissa had a blast. You made me feel so at home even though I am not Orthodox. I was so occupied with the kids tonight that I didn't really get a chance to talk to the other families but if they are as warm and welcoming as you made me feel this seems like a great group for my family to belong to. It was very nice meeting you tonight and I am sure you will see the Carver clan again. In fact my 3 year old Ethan is singing the prayers for Chanukkah right now. The funny thing is I didn't realize he was listening to me sing them every night. Thank you again for an amazing night.

Sharon Bronstein Carver

 Our children disliked Hebrew school until they started attending Torah Links Hebrew school.The teachers are caring, compassionate ladies who truly care about the children not only in learning Hebrew but also  learning about their Jewish heritage and the love of being a Jewish individual in today's world. Rabbi Miller is an amazing leader who cares personally about each child.Together they create imaginative ways to make Hebrew school fun.We would recommend Torah Links to anyone who is looking for a unique Hebrew school experience.

Igal and Daras Yichyeh

Our lives have been changed for the better due in large part to the warm, caring, supportive people as well as the amazing programs run by Torah Links.  From parties to lectures, to Shabbaton's to weekly services; it always feels like the "welcome mat" is being rolled out especially for you.  We have gained knowledge, friendships and grown in Torah observance thanks to Torah Links.

Yuri & Cindy Volpin


I have found the Torah Links Hebrew School to be a warm and welcoming environment.  My kids felt right at home when they first started.  They were greeted with open arms by the incredible staff and teachers and it didn't matter that they had not had any religious experience before they started Torah Links.  Everyone was treated as an equal. My kids had and are having a great experience at Torah Links. It is nice to know that we can call any of the teachers and Rabbi if we need them.  Thank you.

The Gladstone Family,
Seth, Lisa, Elayna, Josh and Sarah

We had a wonderful time at Bubblemania. Chase said it was the greatest show of all. He appreciates your kindness in offering him the soccer ball, but he would like you to use the gift for another event.

Zelda Greenberg

Dear Rabbi Miller,
Thank you, Rabbi Serebrowski and congregants for making me  feel a part of Torah Links.  This experience has given me the opportunity to embrace my Judaism. 
Sincerely, Harriet Ciraolo


Schedule: 12/10 - 12/16

Schedule: 12/10 - 12/16
Mincha/Maariv - Weekdays4:20 PM
Shacharis - Sunday7:30 AM
Shacharis - Monday-Friday6:45 AM
Shacharis - Legal Holidays7:30 AM
Earliest Candle Lighting - Friday Afternoon3:37 PM
Standard Candle Lighting - Friday Afternoon4:17 PM
Friday Night Services4:20 PM
Sunset - Friday Evening4:35 PM
Shabbos Morning Services8:45 AM
Mincha - Shabbos Afternoon12:30 PM
Shabbos Ends5:27 PM
Maariv - Motzei Shabbos5:45 PM