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Kosher & Travel Information



  • KosherMart - kosher eats @ Hershey Park and Dutch Wonderland
  • Kosher Orlando - kosher eats near DisneyWorld, shabbat meals and a shul!  Your hosts Rafi & Ella!
  • OK - Organized Kashruth Laboratories
  • La Bruite - travel meals - hot, glatt, no pot!

Schedule: 8/20- 8/26

Schedule: 8/20- 8/26
Weekday - Mincha/Maariv7:30 PM
Friday Night Services6:30 PM
Standard Shabbos Candle Lighting7:23 PM
Sunset Friday Night7:41 PM
Shabbos Morning Service8:45 AM
Shabbos Ends8:31 PM
Morning Service: Sunday7:30 AM
Morning service: Monday - Friday6:45 AM